Ladies Of ”Your View” TVC Urge FG To Tackle Food Inflation

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This article was gotten from a TV show “Your View,” hosted by Morayo Afolabi Brown, Yeni Kuti,Nyma Akashat Zibiri and Sandra Eze.
The host, Morayo Afolabi raised a discussion on the inflation of food saying “urgent action is imperative to tackle Nigeria’s escalating food inflation and insecurity”. According to the host, the National Bureau of Statistics provided alarming statistics, indicating a 40.01 percent food inflation rate and a 33.20 percent consumer price index, reflecting a 1.5 percent increase from the previous month.

Key issues raised during the program included the severe impact of inflation on essential food items like garri, millet, yam, sardine, akpu, palm oil, vegetable oil, and beef, extreme increase in hunger and malnutrition nationwide. During the show, Nigeria’s dire poverty situation was highlighted, with 87 million people living below the poverty line and 133 million Nigerians in multidimensional poverty, ranking Nigeria as the second-highest country in poverty rates globally.

Mrs Kuti made sure the looming threat of food insecurity was emphasized, with UNICEF warning that 25 million Nigerians are at high risk of hunger, and projections indicating that 31.5 million citizens may face acute hunger between May and August 2024.

During the program, Mr. Ayobami from Lagos shared his personal perspective on Nigeria’s alarming inflation rate. He expressed deep concern over the significant impact of inflation on the cost of living for ordinary Nigerians, noting the skyrocketing prices of essential food items, making it increasingly difficult for families to afford basic necessities.

Mr. Ayobami highlighted the ripple effects of high inflation, including reduced purchasing power and financial strain on households across the country. He called for urgent action to address the root causes of inflation and implement effective measures to stabilize prices and ease the burden on Nigerian consumers.

In his opinion, Mr. Ayobami advocated for greater transparency and accountability in economic policies and government interventions aimed at tackling inflation, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing measures that address supply chain disruptions, market inefficiencies, and other contributing factors.

Mr. Ayobami’s opinion highlighted the urgency of addressing Nigeria’s high inflation rate and its effects on the well-being of ordinary citizens, adding valuable perspective to the discussion and urging immediate action from both the government and the private sector to alleviate the suffering of millions of Nigerians affected by food insecurity and inflation.

In conclusion, the presenters shared ideas in which the government can implement including, prioritizing security measures to protect farmers, investing in rural infrastructure development, and implementing policies to support agriculture and food production. It was also stressed to explore successful agriculture models both domestically and internationally to reduce food inflation and ensure food security in Nigeria.

Written by Dada Favour

From LeadCity University , Ibadan .

Published by Joshua Olagundoye

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