The Place Of Social Media In The 21st Century

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WHEN one takes a look at Nigeria today, it is not difficult to notice the place of the social media. The social media is no longer a novelty to the majority of Nigerians: we all socialise one way or the other on its various platforms.

The social media serves as a source of information to the general public. One of the interesting things to note about the social media is the increasing popularity of sites like instagram, facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and the like. These sites facilitate communication and are the delight of bloggers and writers, among others.

We cannot however talk about the social media and modern communication without acknowledging the role of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.It was under his administration that the Glodal System of Mobile Communication (GSM) was rolled out for Nigerians to communicate with. Also, Nigerians began using the social media at the time.

In the area of the educational development, the social media has helped to increase students’ knowledge of historical events in the Nigerian society. Notable events among these are the Civil War, the birth of Nigeria’s national anthem and the amalgamation of the Southern and Northern protectorates.

Educationally, the social media ensures that students are not limited to class notes. Students are aware of the information accessible on Google and other search engines and they use them to obtain further information about relevant topics taught in the classroom.

Students and other individuals in the society learn to share information with one another, which widens their knowledge.

Another interesting thing we should note about the social media is its web engagement which gives students the platform to interact with their peers and teachers on class-related subjects.

Students therefore have greater advantage  as the social media networks opens doors for innovations.

The social media provides various opportunities for individuals in the society to start a business,  career or a movement, among others.

In view of the foregoing, the government needs to provide an enabling environment for social media to thrive in the country.   

By Joshua Olagundoye  

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