Nigerian Creative Duo Speak On The Release Of Music Podcast Called “Pop Doctors”, Calls It A Complete Unmasking Of Music

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As society continues to embrace creativity in all spheres of life, two young Nigerians Alexander Boaz and Immanoel have released an amazing music podcast for everyone with different music tastes to enjoy.

The podcast called; “Pop Doctors” was launched on February 14, 2024. According to Alexander Boaz, while speaking on the birth of Pop Doctors, he revealed that the aim of the podcast “is to give room as well as opportunities for various music lovers to be nourished and guided on what music is all about”.

Alexander Boaz further described music as a message, which is not bound by whatever duration as it has an ability to spend forever in people’s lives”. He further elaborated that “music is more than just melodies and lyrics, it’s information and knowledge, and Immanoel and I see music the same way”.

While speaking on the release of songs nowadays by artistes, Alexander Boaz is of the opinion that things could be better, especially as some young artistes keep doing the same things musically without much to show and are still expecting a different result.

The co-host of the podcast, Pop Doctors, Immanoel mentioned that “as much as music is a talent, it is not enough to showcase an artiste, due to the fact that a lot of work still needs to be included in terms of personal development, presentation and engagement”.

On the issue of proper documentation of records in the industry, Immanoel advised artistes, both young and old, to cultivate an habit of creativity and transparency; and that credit should be given as at when due, “to whom it is due.”

Recently, the ‘Pop Doctors’ released their debut podcast episode aptly named, Love & Music, where they each gave a delectable playlist of ‘Best Love Songs Ever’, ranging from oldies like Never Far Away by Lagbaja to uber-cool sonics like May I Have This Dance by Francis and The Lights.

The music podcast, Pop Doctors, promises to be a good account of time spent, enjoying the lavish knowledge of the music scene, that Alexander Boaz and Immanoel, with a couple of exciting guests lineup, bring to your ears.

The Pop Doctors can be streamed via this link

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