Dunsin Oyekan Under Fire For Criticizing Prophet Odumeje

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Gospel singer Dunsin Oyekan has taken a firm stand against the controversial preacher Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, popularly known as Odumeje, characterizing his recent remarks as a mockery of the Christian faith.

The controversy erupted when a video of Odumeje surfaced, wherein he claimed to possess supernatural powers that he intended to use to combat the current economic hardships. In a separate video featuring Nigerian artist Flavour, the self-styled cleric referred to himself as a “warlord” and spoke of releasing various “powers,” each accompanied by fanciful names like “Cidaniel, Santus Sanatorial, Ribadu, Gandu Gagadusha, Dabush Kabash, Lebadushe Lemande, Indaboski Bahose,” and the viral “Abido Shaker.”

Reacting strongly to these claims, Dunsin Oyekan took to Instagram to express his disapproval. In a post on Monday, the gospel singer condemned both the video and the subsequent TikTok trends that emerged around the cleric’s fantastical powers.

In his Instagram post, Oyekan emphasized the seriousness of the matter, stating, “Been seeing videos and people writing ‘abidoshaker’ and the rest…Believers, the things we find funny are a mockery of our faith. We should shut things like this down! No, it’s not funny! You will be shocked at how gullible some people are! #wakeup.”

Source: Instagram, Nigerian Bulletin

1 thought on “Dunsin Oyekan Under Fire For Criticizing Prophet Odumeje”

  1. Absolutely…… by their fruits you shall know them….. As Christians, we should know a fake preacher by their utterances and the fruits they give off… It’s crystal clear to see for even the blind that those things odumeje mentioned are not scriptural….

    What still shocks me is how this man still manages to gather his crowds…. Children of God, read your bible, know the word for yourselves and don’t be swept away by all this fake preachers around us…. it’s the last days…

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