The Bridge of Trust And Worry

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According to what my friend, one of my favorite lecturers told me; at the core of every strong relationship lies trust. Trust is the foundation upon which love, respect, and understanding are built.

Imagine trust as a strong bridge connecting two people. It’s built and full of honesty, transparency, and reliability. When both partners contributes all these, the bridge becomes strong, allowing them to walk hand in hand across it without fear of falling. But sometimes, worries are like barriers that appear on this bridge. These barriers or cracks can make one or both partners feel scared, or insecure.

Communication is the key to fixing these cracks. Talking openly and honestly about worries can help mend the bridge of trust. It’s like breaking those barriers or filling those cracks with cement to make the bridge stronger. When partners share their concerns and fears, they can work together to find solutions and strengthen their bond.

Transparency or coming clean is another important tool in building trust. Being transparent means being open and honest about feelings, actions, and intentions. It’s like having clear windows on the bridge, so both partners can see each other clearly. When there are no secrets, trust can thrive, and worries have no place to hide.

However, sometimes, even the strongest bridges can sometimes develop cracks and barriers. Past experiences, insecurities can create doubts and worries. It’s important to talk about these feelings and address them together. Most times, Ignoring worries can make them grow bigger and weaken the bridge of trust.

Building and maintaining trust in a relationship requires effort from both partners. But that’s what most relationships lack in Nigeria these days. One is meant to have acts of kindness, loyalty, and consistency. But betrayals, lies, or broken promises can destroy this bridge of trust

All being said from my perspective, trust and worries are two sides of the same coin in relationships. While trust brings security, love, and happiness, worries can sometimes cloud our judgment and make us feel vulnerable. But with open communication, transparency, and mutual effort, couples can overcome worries and strengthen their trust, paving the way for a deeper and more fulfilling connection. An advice; Love yourself, Love your partner too.

By Favour Ajao

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