Small Child Goes Viral Speaking Fluent Igbo To His Grandma

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A Nigerian kid has gone viral after he was filmed speaking fluent Igbo with his grandmother.

The boy, whose father is Igbo and mother is a foreigner, was raised abroad. 

In the video that caught many people’s attention, he was seen speaking Igbo fluently with the right Owerri accent which has earned him praises from viewers.

In the video, he is heard telling his grandma that he does his chores diligently. 

He said Maria is the first daughter and should be the one cooking, but he ends up doing the cooking as though he is “Jacob and his mother”.

Likening himself to Jacob amused those listening to him.

The boy added that he sweeps the house but Maria doesn’t and chooses to play instead.

The boy’s mother and siblings can also be seen in the clip.

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