My Heart Is Like Ponmo , I never Experienced Hot Breakfast- Lizzy Gold

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Well-known Nollywood actress Lizzy Gold has revealed her unusual dating theory, saying she has never been brokenhearted by a guy.

The actress, who is well-known for her parts in a number of Nigerian films, said that she has taught herself to resist the need to be romantically connected.

Lizzy Gold described herself as one who could leave a relationship before her partner would end it.

In a hilarious analogy, the actress compared her heart to “Kpomo,” a thick cow hide, which means that it is strong and not easily shattered.

She also said that she loves with her shoulders rather than her head, implying that she puts her own health first and breaks up with people quickly if they misbehave.

In her words;

“I move on so easily and forget you ever existed …I have a delete botton app in my head , once am done with you I just delete all your memories…we must marry first before I catch feelings 😁To those currently going through heartbreak my sincere condolence….”

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