Man Gives Reasons Over Attempt To Commit Suicide , Read Details

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The Kano State Fire Service on Thursday,  January 25, said it rescued a 37-year-old man who was about committing suicide by hanging himself on a tree. 

The man identified as Saifullah Rabiu, had left a suicide note indicating that his action was prompted by a debt of N2 million owed in the process of obtaining a foreign visa. 

Saminu Abdullahi, the spokesman for the Kano State Fire Service, confirmed the incident in a statement released to the media. 

According to the statement, the Central Control Room of the fire service received an emergency call at approximately 10:07 am from the Ministry of Works and Housing, Kano State, reporting the incident at the State Road by Nasarawa Emir’s house. 

After receiving a call, the fire service personnel on standby duty were mobilized to the scene, arriving at about 10:10 am. 

He said they found Saifullah Rabiu in a critical condition, attempting to take his own life by hanging from a tree. 

In his suicide note, Rabiu disclosed the overwhelming debt he owed, explaining that he had already refunded about N500,000 of the borrowed sum. 

He lamented that the challenges and embarrassment from the creditor drove him to the point of considering suicide. 

Abdullahi said that the rescued man, Saifullah Rabiu, has been handed over to the Divisional Crime Officer (D.C.O) Zaharaddini of the Farm Centre Police Division for further investigations.

Source: Linda Ikeji

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