Luck As Woman Who Helped A Stranger With 500 Naira Gets 7 million Naira To Build House

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A woman has been given the surprise of her life after helping a stranger

It was gathered that the woman received a generous sum of N7 million for her act of kindness towards a stranger.

It happened that she offered help to an individual that was struggling to complete an abandoned building project.

Little did she know that this small gesture would set off a chain of events that would profoundly impact her life and the life of another.

The individual she helped revealed that he harbored a deep-seated desire to see his previously abandoned building project come to fruition.

Touched by his situation, the woman decided to ask for help on his behalf.

By a fortunate turn of events, the woman was able to draw the interest of a kind donor who was moved by her empathy and the stranger’s situation.

This kind donor came out and gave a staggering amount of N7 million without hesitation.

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