Finally , FG,Petroleum Marketers Agree To Reduce Fuel Price

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Members of the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) have said they are already in talks with the Nigerian government to begin the sale of compressed natural gas in their filling stations nationwide.

IPMAN vice president, Hammed Fashola, said that marketers’ filling stations would serve as CNG refilling centres to hurry up gas adoption in Nigeria.

With the removal of the petrol subsidy, the Nigerian government has touted investing in gas as a cheaper and cleaner alternative to petrol and diesel.

nificant setback to the government’s gas initiative. Fashola noted that marketers met with the federal government to find ways to make the product available to Nigerians.

The development comes amid an increase in the price of diesel, which has risen to about N1,710 per litre in some filling stations in Nigeria.

The unreliable power supply from the national grid has forced firms across Nigeria to depend on diesel generators to keep their operations afloat. Meanwhile, the price of diesel products is now making diesel use unsustainable for many businesses.

According to surveys across filling stations in Lagos, marketers sold the product at various prices, between N1,690 and N1.710 per litre, depending on the marketer. Reports say that in Abuja, filling stations sold the product at various prices ranging from N1,500 to N1,710 per litre.

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