Filling Station Accused of Exploiting Customers amid Fuel Scarcity

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A Total filling station in Idi-Iroko, Lagos State, has been called out for allegedly compelling customers to pay extra money for fuel being sold.

In a now-viral video shared on TikTok on Tuesday, several customers with jerry cans were seen waiting for their turn to get fuel.

According to the video, customers were being charged N1000 for five litres and N2500 for 25 litres with the station demanding payment before dispensing fuel.

This is because many Nigerians are still grappling with the pain of fuel scarcity.

The recorder of the video wrote, “These people selling on five litres keg they collect N1000, on 25 litres keg, you pay N2500. These people will make sure they collect the money before selling the fuel.

“Now, they will tell us it is the Nigerian government inflating the price. We can all see now that the Nigerian government is trying its best but some anti-humans among humans are the ones dealing with Nigerians.

1 thought on “Filling Station Accused of Exploiting Customers amid Fuel Scarcity”

  1. Kelvin Sokefun

    Nigerian citizens are the roots of their problems. They are always at the point of using any situation to make money. Until we are able to solve this issue amongst ourselves, I do not see a better Nigeria

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