Dollar Crash: FCCPC Threatens To Sanction Business Owners Who Still Increase Price of Goods

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As Nigerians continue to grapple with the increase in the cost of goods and services, the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has began a nationwide visits to various supermarkets in the country after the fall in the price of dollar.

While speaking with newsmen on a televised programme on Monday, the executive commissioner of the organisation, Alhaji Adamu Ahmed Abdullahi said that the move is to ensure that business owners in Nigeria begin to bring down their prices in order to ease the tension faced by the masses.

However, in recent times, there have been a lot of reactions from Nigerians who are lamenting , thereby calling on the federal government not only to reduce the price of dollar but also bring down the cost of goods in country.

Over the weekend, the body had sealed a supermarket in Abuja over unfair practices which includes increase in price.

On the issue of price fixing from business owners , Abdullahi stated that the organisation is putting out measures on how various entrepreneurs in Nigeria can come up with a single for the people.

While reacting to a video that went viral on social media which captured a Nigerian man who was barred from purchasing goods by a chinese company established in Nigeria, he revealed that such an action should not be allowed in the society. He therefore promised that after the company has being investigated to have done that, they would face disciplinary actions .

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