Blackout As Power Outage Stalls National Assembly

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An unusual and prolonged power outage, on Wednesday, was reported to have stalled activities at the National Assembly.

Lawmakers and staff were seen fanning themselves with papers and other materials to reduce the heat that enveloped the complex after the blackout.

However, no explanation was given for the outage but it was reported not to be unconnected to the factors responsible for the epileptic power supply across the country and breakdown of generating sets.

Some lawmakers and aides expressed disappointment with the situation, describing it as an embarrassment.

An aide who pleaded to be anonymous opined that Nigeria had a long way to go. “If we can experience a power outage in the National Assembly, imagine what our people in our villages are passing through. This is so shameful and embarrassing. And sad enough, nobody will be punished for this show of shame and carelessness,” he stated.

Many Lawmakers suspended their activities for the day and left as they could not cope with the heat.

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