Bachelor Life: Layi Wasabi Under Fire Over recent Comment

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Popular skit maker, Layi Wasabi has come under fire as netizens advise him to learn how to cook after complaining about bachelor life.

It would be recalled that the comic actor took to his Twitter page to share how bachelors struggle to make a living.

Layi expressed that life of a bachelor is rather crazy. One would wake up to nothing to eat other than 3-day old bread and an old bottle of wine.

His words:

“bachelor life is crazy dawg. you’d wake up 6am munching on 3 days bread and leftover wine you took from a party in February😭”

However, netizens have opined that getting into marriage shouldn’t be his priority but learning how to cook.

Read the comments below:

@ZeroXjs said: “Bro after marriage you’ll wish for the peace you’ve now..
There would be time you’ll pray for your wife and kids to travel
So you can have peace in the house”

thenewzladyofficial said: “Why now?😂 Is the bachelor broke? Because marriage is not the answer to that?”

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