21 People Hospitalized As SUV Collides Into Wrong Direction

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A regular road parade organized by the United Evangelical Church, Abayi International, in Aba, Abia State, turned into a scene of tragedy as a speeding Lexus Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) plowed into the procession, leaving 21 members hospitalized.

The incident occurred on Thursday evening along the Aba-Owerri road at approximately 6 p.m. The church members, including women and participants from the Boys Brigade band, were engaged in a sensitization walk for the International Women’s Day Celebration when tragedy struck.

The sudden collision brought the parade to an abrupt halt, with the aftermath leaving numerous members of the church in critical condition.

Reports reveal that several victims, including a pregnant woman, sustained severe injuries such as broken limbs, head trauma, and internal injuries.

Speaking on the incident, the pastor in charge of the church, Nnamdi Kelvin, expressed deep sorrow, describing the accident as reckless and devastating.

Amidst the anguish and pain, injured victims pleaded for financial assistance from the Abia State government to cover their medical expenses and ensure their recovery.

While some of the injured were rushed to the Abia State University Teaching Hospital, Aba, for urgent medical attention, four others were taken to a private hospital by their relatives.

Authorities have arrested the driver of the SUV, who purportedly attributed the accident to brake failure. The driver has been detained and is currently under investigation at the World Bank Police station, Abayi.

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